Student Recognition

Our students study German and English language in our university. We make sure the students are ready to go and study abroad and have sufficient language skills to study and work abroad.

It is crucial to prepare good Learning Agreement before mobility (based on study compatibility of results), so that later recognition of TR causes no problems The Learning Agreements are filled out well before mobility, and signed by three parties.

Each achievement of the Transcript of Records in accordance with the Learning Agreement or Training Agreement, the documenting completion practices are recognized and recorded together with the score credits and evaluation in the Diploma Supplement.

In order to recognize achievements, the academic dean of the faculty on the basis of the Transcript of Records and Practical Training Confirmation provides full recognition of credits. Details (where, what courses, original names, original grades from abroad, time period) are always input Diploma Supplement.

The dean completes and fills out the index and examination card of the student based on TR. In case the student disagree, he/she can write to reconsider to Rector.

Transcripts of records includes appropriate information on learning outcomes, ECTS credits, local grades and equivalent ECTS grades (if not explained elsewhere, i.e. Inter Institutional Agreement)

In case the student does not pass the course abroad, he/she is entitled to give it a second try after returning to home institution. Student will be given additional time by the dean of faculty to pass the original subject , that he/she failed to pass abroad.

We make every effort to ensure that international students receive the completed Transcript of Records before departure or no later than one month after graduation.

Mobility of teaching staff shall be recorded in the personal file, and recognized by the university as an important step of personal and scientific development.

Administrative staff improve their skills in training at partner universities. Their additional skills and experience are a better job and utilizing the experience of foreign partners to improve the way our institution operates.

Staff mobility recognition

Staff, both academic and administrative are encouraged to apply for Erasmus Mobility. They, together with Erasmus Coordinator create Teaching or Training programs and apply to Rector to participate in the program. They all have equal chances in recruitment process based on foreign languages competences, the input in internationalization and development of cooperation home and abroad, to build better opportunities for students. The Erasmus Office job is to support every candidate, and promote the results of staff mobility. Staff mobility is essential for building understanding, respect, internationalization of our University. We believe it’s important to have our staff operate on maximum of the potential. To unlock this potential we provide equal possibilities to harvest from experience of our foreign partners. To be able to better work with our students.

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