General information

Duration: 6 terms
Type of studies: first-cycle programme
Mode of studies: full-time and part-time
Degree awarded: Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology

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Who may apply

The sociology programme is perfect for those interested in politics and society, human and personal development, the sense of self-esteem, management, sociotherapy, entrepreneurship, business and business coaching, career, coaching, communication, and counselling, including career and family counselling.

Educational outcomes - download

Career prospects on graduation

Graduates can work in HR departments, enterprises, counselling organisations, schools (as career advisers) or counselling centres (as family advisers); they can operate on the mediation and negotiation services market, or be employed in advertising, marketing, or public relations agencies, in diplomatic institutions, and local government and central Government institutions. Finally, they can set up their own training or counselling business, or work as business and personal development coaches.

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