Rules of applying for Erasmus

  1. First, stay in touch with . Start with a simple email, and tell us from which major you are and when you would like to go. The list of partner universities is to be updated and we can suggest you where you can go. Dear student, you are not restricted by the list of available universities, you can contact almost any university in Europe and ask if they would agree to sign an agreement with your university , and accept you as part of the Erasmus+ programme.
  2. For more information - read the FAQs. If you want to know something which is not included in FAQs, send the mail to
  3. In the case of a positive result of the recruitment process, contact the university you are assigned to and read the information necessary to have for Erasmus+ students. Read about the list of courses, accommodation, etc. In case of any questions, find the mail to their Erasmus + office and ask them for details.
  4. Fill in the "Learning Agreement" and obtain the consent of the dean and the representative of the partner university (in the contract, email DW ). Remember to choose courses into your Learning Agreement with the assistance of your Erasmus + coordinator from WSNS.
  5. Please also ask for a "Letter of Acceptance" from the host university that accepts you as an Erasmus+ students – it is a document confirming the completion of the recruitment procedure.

Logo Erasmus

Erasmus finansowanie

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