Medical rescue

General information

Duration: 6 terms
Type of studies: first-cycle programme
Mode of studies: full-time and part-time
Degree awarded: Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Rescue

Who may apply

The medical rescue programme is perfect for those interested in medicine, who are physically fit, like to help others, are resistant to stress, can make instant and accurate decisions, and display both the ability and the willingness to perform medical rescue procedures.

Educational outcomes and curriculum - download

Syllabuses - download

Educational concept - download

Career prospects on graduation

Graduates will be able to find a job in State-owned and private healthcare centres, hospital emergency units, medical rescue teams, specialised rescue services, and teaching centres, including in the Rescue Communications Centre at the district and regional levels; in district or provincial crisis prevention plans development teams; in the National Firefighting and Rescue System (as first-aid instructors); in schools, fire brigade units, rescue services, and work establishments with a high accident risk; in entities dealing with occupational health and safety; in industrial establishments; and as medical coordinators securing mass events.

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