The enrolment of foreigners

Enrolment for the autumn term in the academic year 2019/2020
See the study programmes for which you can apply.

Admission criteria

Admission to the first year of studies will be granted to candidates submitting the required documents to the Enrolment Office within the set dates.

The dates for submitting the application documents for full-time and part-time studies in a given academic year

  • Enrolment for the spring term: from 15 May to 30 September
  • Enrolment for the autumn term: from 15 December to 25 February


Foreign candidates may apply for admission

  • Based on original documents – the candidate submits the application documents directly to the Enrolment Office
  • By a third party holding an appropriate power of attorney and a valid identity document
  • • Based on document copies – the candidate sends SCANS of the application documents to the Enrolment Office by email to:
  • with COPIES to the following address: Wyższa Szkoła Nauk Społecznych z siedzibą w Lublinie, ul. Zamojska 47, 20-102 Lublin

Foreign candidates are primarily qualified for studies at WSNS based on the documents they have submitted, including

  • A printed and signed enrolment form available on logging into UczelniaOnline.WSNS and selecting a study programme, or a traditional paper form (available viaDownload or at the Dean’s Office at WSNS, Room 200), both duly completed and signed,
  • Documents confirming the candidate’s education, together with supplements,
  • A copy of the passport (the page containing the holder’s photo),,
  • A copy of the document confirming the command of the Polish language, or, when no such document exists, the candidate’s own statement regarding his/her Polish language skills and the intent to take a language test organised by WSNS once he/she arrives in Poland,
  • A proof of enrolment fee payment (except for the discount period),
  • A proof of tuition payment (made in advance, for the first term of studies),
  • Two copies of a duly signed educational services contract.

Additional documents (where applicable)

  • A copy of a valid residence card or Polish visa (if the candidate applies from the territory of the Republic of Poland),
  • Parental consent for the candidate to commence studies (if the candidate is a minor),
  • A statement on undergoing the diploma recognition process,
  • A valid power of attorney (if the application documents are submitted by a third party).

The submitted documents form the basis for qualifying the foreigner to study. The decision issued to this end may be:

  • collected personally by the candidate or his/her authorised representative,
  • sent by post to the candidate’s address as indicated in the application form.


The foreigner is obliged to submit the following to the Enrolment Office, no later than by the end of the enrolment process, or immediately on arriving in Poland:

  1. Original versions of all the documents required to complete Stage 1 (if the candidate has been qualified for studies based on document copies),
  2. Copies (certified by the university) of the documents confirming the candidate’s education, together with supplements, which have been legalised or contain an apostille. Exceptions: International Baccalaureate (IB), European Baccalaureate (EB), and education documents issued in Ukraine or Belarus. The legalisation certificate/apostille needs to be translated into Polish,
  3. A proof of legalised residency on the territory of Poland: : a copy (certified by the university) of a visa or a permanent residence/settlement permit (a permanent residence card), or a temporary stay/residence permit for a specified period (a temporary residence card); the temporary residence card needs to be submitted together with a decision on issuing a temporary stay/residence permit for a specified period,
  4. 2 photographs ID-card format,
  5. A document confirming that the school certificate/diploma entitles the candidate to commence or continue studies in the country of the certificate/diploma issue, issued by the Ministry of Education, or a Polish diplomatic post in the country of the certificate/diploma (unless such information is already contained in the education document),
  6. Translations into Polish of all the documents issued in a language other than Polish,
  7. As regards documents recognised through notification, a document confirming their equal status to the corresponding Polish documents – this needs to be submitted by the end of the first term of study.

Linguistic requirements

Foreigners enrolled onto studies conducted in the Polish language at the Higher School of Social Sciences in Lublin are obliged to prove their sufficient command of Polish to commence such studies. The command of the Polish language can be proven by:

  • Producing a Polish language certificate issued by the National Commission for the Certification of Proficiency in Polish as a Foreign Language, or
  • Certifying the completion of a year-long course preparing the candidate for the commencement of studies in the Polish language, conducted by entities appointed by the Minister for Higher Education, or
  • Obtaining proof from WSNS that the candidate’s command of Polish allows him/her to commence studies in the Polish language. To obtain such a proof the candidate must submit his/her own statement regarding his/her Polish language competences, and the intent to take the language test organised by WSNS once he/she arrives in Poland.

Medical certificates

The appropriate medical certificate issued by an occupational medicine doctor, confirming the lack of contraindications to commence studies of the candidate’s choice

Enrolment Office:

WSNS, ul. Zamojska 47 room 200
Monday to Friday 8.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.
Saturday 8.00 a.m. – 2.00 p.m.
tel. 81 531 85 56

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