Psychology - long-cycle Master’s Degree programme

General information

Major Psychology
Duration: 10 terms
Type of studies: : long-cycle Master’s Degree programme
Mode of studies: full-time or part-time
Degree awarded: Master’s Degree in Psychology

Who may apply

Applications for the long-cycle Master’s Degree programme in the major of psychology can be submitted by holders of certificates of secondary education (maturity certificates). Candidates are expected to display exceptional sensitivity and openness to universal human values, respect and tolerance for human distinctiveness and otherness, sensitivity to the social aspects of the market economy, and an innovative and creative approach to problem-solving in the professional environment of a psychologist.

Knowledge, skills and social competences to be developed - download


  • Clinical psychology
  • Educational psychology

Career prospects on graduation

Graduates are prepared for a career in the fields of clinical psychology and health psychology, educational psychology, and human development psychology, specialising in school-related difficulties, correctional and forensic psychology, the psychology of sports, management and business, and career guidance. They will deal with diagnostics, certification, prophylactics, and various forms of psychological assistance.

Graduates can take up work in:

  • healthcare facilities, including mental health outpatient clinics, neurosis treatment wards, and psychiatric hospitals
  • educational and care-giving facilities, including schools, psychological & pedagogical counselling and similar centres, and children’s homes
  • social services, including labour market institutions, social welfare centres, student career offices, and non-Governmental organisations
  • enterprises, including advertising and HR departments, and as coaches or mentors
  • police and military forces

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