General information

Duration: 4 terms
Type of studies: second-cycle programme
Mode of studies: full-time and part-time
Degree awarded: Master’s Degree in Cosmetology


  • Applied cosmetology
  • Cosmetic products design

Who may apply

Graduates from first-cycle (Bachelor’s Degree) programmes in the field of cosmetology who wish to enhance their skills in performing skin diagnostics, selecting the appropriate cosmetology treatment and cosmetic products to meet specific needs, performing skin care, beautifying and healing cosmetology procedures in close cooperation with medical professionals representing various specialisations related to skin care. Knowledge and skills related to cosmetic products design.

Knowledge, skills and social competences to be developed - download

Career prospects on graduation

On achieving the above-mentioned educational outcomes, graduates will be able to perform professional treatments closely matching given skin types, including both face and body treatments, in compliance with the most stringent quality standards, and using modern equipment. Graduates will also provide professional counselling on skin care and healthy lifestyles. They can effectively supply modern professional cosmetics services, in particular in beauty parlours, specialised cosmetology/aesthetic dermatology centres – in close cooperation with medical professionals, health and beauty clinics, wellness and SPA centres, massage parlours, cosmetic enterprises dealing with the production and distribution of cosmetic products, laboratories of cosmetics companies, enterprises distributing raw materials and semi-finished products for cosmetics production, entities conducting cosmetics application tests, and trade magazines. They will also be able to cooperate with enterprises/organisations focused on health promotion, or set up their own business.

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