General information

Duration: 4 terms
Type of studies: second-cycle programme
Mode of studies: full-time and part-time
Degree awarded: Master’s degree in nursing

Who can apply

Graduates of first-cycle studies in nursing holding the Bachelor’s degree in nursing can apply for this second-cycle programme.

Knowledge, skills and social competences to be developed - download

Career prospects on graduation

  • Hospitals
  • Units operating within the medical rescue system
  • Primary healthcare facilities
  • Nursing care units
  • Treatment centres
  • Palliative and hospice care centres
  • Sanatoriums and SPA centres
  • Social welfare homes
  • Teaching and educational facilities
  • Universities, scientific and research institutions

A tentative course list

  1. Nursing theory
  2. Nursing in Europe
  3. Clinical communication
  4. Quality management
  5. Tele-nursing
  6. Transcultural nursing
  7. Management in nursing
  8. Therapeutic education
  9. Health programmes
  10. Prophylactics in family nursing
  11. Prophylactics in paediatric nursing
  12. Research methodology
  13. Endocrinology
  14. Nephrology and dialysis
  15. Vascular surgery
  16. Intensive care
  17. Nursing in nephrology
  18. Nursing in diabetology
  19. Nursing in respiratory system diseases
  20. Mechanisms of drug action and issuing prescriptions
  21. Treatment with medicinal products and special purpose foods
  22. Evidence-based nursing in practice
  23. Cardiology
  24. Gastroenterology
  25. Neurotraumatology
  26. Stoma patients care
  27. Angiology nursing
  28. Wound healing
  29. Nursing in demyelinating diseases
  30. Nursing in intensive medical care
  31. Advanced resuscitation procedures
  32. Endoscopy
  33. Pain therapy
  34. Selected aspects of transplantology
  35. Nursing in epidemiology
  36. Medical teaching
  37. Haematology
  38. Otolaryngology
  39. Nursing in cardiology
  40. Long-term care and home care
  41. Clinical pharmacology
  42. Infectious and tropical diseases
  43. Nursing in haematology
  44. Nursing care in community psychiatry
  45. Modern oncology
  46. Rescue nursing
  47. Basic balneology and physical medicine
  48. Human resource management
  49. Occupational legislation
  50. Basic psychotherapy
  51. Specific characteristics of geriatric care and geriatric care systems
  52. Nursing in cardiosurgery
  53. Nursing in neurotraumatology
  54. Chronic paediatric diseases
  55. Diagnostic imaging
  56. Laboratory diagnostics
  57. Neuropsychology
  58. Nursing in allergology
  59. Surgical nursing

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